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Every non-trivial work builds upon the work of others who have come before and Taproot Video is certainly not an exception.

We thank "The Shuttle and the Shutter" for the development of this site. It was a pleasure to work with them.

The web site was created using the following tools and technologies whose use we gratefully acknowledge.

  • Java Server Faces (JSF) and the Mojarra implementation.
  • The PrimeFaces UI Framework.
  • The OmniFaces library
  • The Jackson JSON Processor library.
  • Multiple libraries from the Apache Software Foundation.
  • The jsoup Java HTML Parser library.
  • Icons designed by freepik
  • Music licensed from audiojungle
  • "Tokido" licensed from Samite (in classes by Marilyn Romatka)

The mentioning of these tools and technologies indicates only that they were used in the creation of this site. It does not imply an endorsement of this site by those tools or technologies.

Decorative modern cloth; Laos: weft-ikat silk