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For Future Instructors

Taproot Video works a little differently than most the other sites offering video instructions for folk arts, crafting and fiber arts. Taproot Video is a co-operative of the art instructors and not a publisher that hires instructors to film classes.

The main difference between a traditional publisher and Taproot Video is that we want the artist to be in control of the video lesson. You are a creative person, you have your personal style and that should be reflected in the videos. It's most important that you can be proud of the video and that it faithfully represents your brand.

Interested artists and instructors can join the co-operative and produce their video with or without help from Taproot Video, depending on their background and inclination. Once the video exists Taproot Video will review it to ensure that it meets minimum quality standards and then add it to classes that are available on the site.

We realize that many artists may not be interested in learning all the technology and the ins and outs of producing a video. We therefore gladly help interested instructors or artists to get started, finding videographers, etc. On the other hand, this is not required and you are free to forge your own path. The important point is that in either approach you, the artist or instructor, control the creative process and in the end own the copyright for the video.

Taproot Video really comes into play once the video exists. Think of it as a platform on which you can distribute your video, online as well as on DVDs if you choose. It will add your video to the classes available on the site and will collect payment. The profits are distributed among the members of the co-operative on a prorated basis. Co-op members will also be able to influence how the site and the co-operative evolves.

Taproot Video was founded by an artist and instructor who considered the traditional publishing approach but in the end decided against it. Still, the dream of filming the classes and making them available persisted and in the end became Taproot Video. Learning to produce the video classes and developing the web site ended up being a bit more challenging and more work than anticipated but once these hurdles were overcome, it became clear that it would make a lot of sense to share the fruits of this labor with other artists and instructors. They would not have to re-invent the wheel and Taproot Video would gain by being able to offer more content.

Please contact us at if this sounds interesing to you and you would like to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

Shawl; Xam Tai, Laos: supplemental discontinuous weft patterning, natural dyes