Welcome to Taproot Video!

Taproot Folk Arts has offered in-person instruction in many folk art techniques across the nation for over a decade, and now is proud to present our newest reincarnation: Taproot Video.

This website features our most popular classes via video-streaming. The classes can be viewed on most computers and tablets. This gives students the flexibility they want: the ability to take their device to their equipment (loom, marudai, etc.) to view the class right where they want it.

In addition to this, many classes are also available for purchase on DVD.

This website has just launched, and although the class list is short at the moment, new videos are being filmed this very month and will be edited and available in the months to come. Do visit often to see additional classes on a number of techniques coming online from a selection of the nation’s best folk art and fiber art instructors.

Patan Patola sari; Gujarat, India: double-ikat silk