Welcome to Taproot Video!

Taproot Video is different from some of the other craft instruction websites you may have seen. We are a co-operative of national instructors, banding together to make our skills available to a wider audience. You will find many of your favorite teachers here, from guild programs or from conferences. And you will most probably discover a new favorite instructor as well! That’s what we are about; as a co-operative, we can introduce the students who follow us to the other instructors — and the students who follow them. A Crafting Community is born.

Taproot Video facilitates students communicating directly with the instructor, and with other students who have purchased the same class, book, or travelogue.

The Taproot Video website features many of our member’s most popular classes via video-streaming and/or DVD. The streaming classes can be viewed on most computers and tablets. This gives students the flexibility they want: the ability to take their device to their equipment (loom, marudai, etc.) to view the class right where they want it. We also offer some content as physical books and e-books (downloadable pdfs), as well as some documentary content and travelogues. A wealth of things to learn, all at your fingertips!

Traditional skills, folk art, production from the Maker’s Hand; many terms to describe the universal delight that comes from creating art – something so individual, so personal, with your very own hands. Pride of Craftsmanship.

Creating your own art has many tangible benefits

  • Reducing stress, it can help lower the body's concentration of the stress hormone cortisol and increase that of the pleasure hormone dopamine.
  • Building self-esteem, with a feeling of connectedness and accomplishment
  • Building community and friendships, it promotes natural conversation and curiosity about other people's projects.
  • Teaching creative-thinking.
  • Improving dexterity, including better hand-eye and spatial coordination thanks to the detailed work.
  • Real Life experiences — getting us off our phones!

Art therapy activities are meditative, quiet, and calming, which helps soothe symptoms of stress, nervousness, and irritability. And crafting is a lot cheaper than professional counseling!

Patan Patola sari; Gujarat, India: double-ikat silk