Rodrick Owen

Braids 250 Patterns from Peru, Japan and Beyond

This is a great book if you are interested in braiding. The braids in this book have been chosen for two reasons. First, the braids of Peru and Japan have more beautiful surface patterns and more varied structures than those from other countries. (Photographs of braids from these two countries are shown in History chapter). Second, all these designs can be made on equipment that is readily available and easy to use. Instructions and diagrams show how to make and set up your equipment, and some braids in this book can be taught to children as young as six years

The braids are introduced according to their similarity in complexity and structure, and as you work through the book, you will find yourself building on skills from previous sections. Each pattern shows you the basic step by step instructions, to make the braids shown on the page. You are also given all the tools you need to find your own way...without the pitfalls.


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