Finishing and Findings for Viking Knitting with Marilyn Romatka

This ‘wrapped neck’ findings technique is very popular in jewelry-making circles and can be used in other hand-crafted jewelry as well.

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This video shows the ending steps of the Viking Knitting project. Enjoy!

For this class, you will need the Viking Knitting coil you just made, already pulled through the drawplate and all beautiful. Additionally you will need some gauge 20 wire, 2 end-caps and closure findings of your choice. The tools you need are a pair of wire snips, a pair of jewelry pliers and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

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This video is a great follow-up to the viking knitting class, and also a snapshot into the style of Marilyn’s teaching style. The video is easy to follow, thorough in the explanations, and sprinkled with anecdotes from her years of teaching experience.

By  mytwocents  on  Jul 18 2016 18:14 PM