Andean Pebble Weave by Laverne Waddington

Andean pebble weave, perhaps the most easily recognized of the many pick-up weaving techniques practiced in the highlands of South America, is not only beautiful to behold but also a pleasure to weave. Being partly loom-controlled, it is one of the faster pick-up weaving techniques to execute. Weavers who already have band-weaving and pick-up patterning experience will enjoy adding this fascinating and versatile technique to their repertoire.

Andean Pebble Weave enables you, through four lessons packed with step-by-step photos, detailed instructions and pattern charts, to produce both traditional and contemporary pebble weave figures and designs—from the most basic geometrics to Andean fauna. From backstrap to tapestry to rigid heddle loom, any sturdy frame with adjustable tension that can be used to produce a warp-faced band can be used to weave these delightful motifs. 

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Instructions will take you through the process of winding the warp, rearranging the cross and picking threads to form all the pattern sheds by hand. Additional instructions are provide for those who would like add continuous string heddles to the warp to make the process partly-loom controlled.

Andean Pebble Weave also includes an appendix that covers how to weave the charted patterns on a 4-shaft loom. The draft for four-shaft looms and instructions on how to manage the pick-up are included. Although many weavers have adapted the technique to their inkle looms, please note that the book does not provide specific instructions for how to set this up on an inkle loom using the inkle loom heddling system.

The inkle loom-friendly method is taught in the ebook by the same author,  Andean Pebble Weave on Inkle Looms. If your primary loom is the standard inkle loom, that book teaches three methods for creating Andean Pebble Weave patterns taking into account the particular characteristics of the inkle loom. Full instructions on setting up the loom are provided and all three techniques are explained with step-by-step photos, detailed descriptions and video clips.

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