Bow Loom Weaving with Marilyn Romatka

The Bow Loom is an ancient technique using a simple, portable loom to make narrow, beaded bands. The technique is used by groups in northern Thailand to make bands for their exquisite headdresses. The weaving is quick and fun and oh so portable. No previous weaving experience is necessary. This is a great introduction to ethnic weaving.

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This class will teach you

  • The best materials to choose for your project
  • The warp prep, and the weaving technique
  • Weaving positions
  • Splicing in a new thread
  • Variations on the theme
  • How to attach findings
  • Advice on how to scale-up to teach the skill to a group

This class requires no previous crafting experience. It is suitable for any student age 10 to adult.

The materials needed for this project are easily available in most craft stores, bead stores, or hardware stores. I use 'Pearle' cotton, glass beads, simple paperclips, various needles, duct tape, a dry sponge, a dowel, common glues, and if the project wants to be a bracelet, ribbon end caps and lobster clasp (or other closure method of your choice). Placing findings on a bracelet will require 2 pair of jewelry pliers.

Don't want to gather all the materials for this class yourself? A kit with the materials for this class is available at the instructor's personal website: Taproot Folk Arts Shop

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Customer reviews:

Marilyn is such a fun instructor!  I love her giant teaching tools - they really do make it easier to see the process!  She is very clear and thorough in her instructions while also being very engaging.  One side note on the materials - sadly, Fusion Beads is permanently closed.  But look around for local shops - they're usually chock full of information and advice, too!  If you've ever wanted to try bow loom weaving - you will love this video!
By  Heather Willhite Reuck  on  May 21 2022 18:18 PM
Video was done very well...easy to see what Marilyn is doing...I took a bow loom class offered by Marilyn years ago so this was an excellent review of the techniques is also a great resource for beginners who have never done bow loom weaving before...this video is well worth the investment...
By  Laidedae  on  Jun 10 2019 01:27 AM
Marilyn does a very good job with instruction, explaining every step in detail. Visuals were very good.  Camera/video work was excellent.  She even pointed common mistakes. ?? Thank you.

I know I can teach a class like this to anyone.
By  RW Phillips  on  Apr 17 2019 18:46 PM
This class is so much fun. I loved constructing the loom and the weaving was relaxing and fun. I love the way the bracelet looks...I can't wait to teach this to the women at the senior care facility where I volunteer. Thanks. Devorah Green
By  devo  on  Mar 07 2017 06:50 AM
This is such a fun class! I have made so many of these now and have discovered I can vary my weave in so many different ways to create patterns and expose some of the weft and/or warp threads. I have made a couple bow looms for friends now as well so they can learn to make their own as quite a few have asked me to make them bracelets. I'm referring them here so they can learn it the proper way. Thanks so much for making an easily confused person like me understand how to do this. Thoroughly enjoyed!
By  Steven Krueger  on  Jul 25 2016 18:10 PM

What a great class! Marilyn makes bow loom weaving a lot easier than it looks! We’ve made bow loom bookmarks and bracelets and are looking forward to seeing more videos on Taproot Video. It’s wonderful to feel connected to these fun cultural traditions from around the world. And her videos are appropriate for all ages and abilities.

By  mytwocents  on  Jul 18 2016 18:13 PM
This is a fun class, and very approachable no matter your weaving experience.  And you'll start interesting conversations if you take your bow loom out to the park to weave.
By  Sheri Ward  on  Jul 18 2016 13:53 PM
Bow Loom Weaving is so fun, and Marilyn makes it easy to learn!  I've made several bracelets as gifts, and the recipients were very impressed.  These classes are excellent.  Thanks so much!
By  Chris  on  Jul 07 2016 20:08 PM