Tablet Weaving - Egyptian Diagonals with John Mullarkey

Weave bold dynamic Egyptian Diagonal patterns. From simple repeating patterns to complicated patterns that move and flow, this video builds from simple concepts to complicated turnings.

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Chapters include:

This video is intended to instruct you on the Diagonals technique, specifically. Knowing how to turn the cards and produce a simple band is a prerequisite.

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What a wonderful video. I have woven Egyptian diagonals before, but John included so many helpful insights, I know I got my money's worth and then some. This video taught me things that would have taken me many hours to discover on my own.  

The discussion of unweaving is something I have searched for in books, videos and online. At last. Thank you!

As for the 6-hole tablet discussion, well, that was quite the bonus.  I've never dared try that, but I feel ready now. 
By  JoAnne Cook  on  Mar 01 2022 00:55 AM
Yet another fabulous video from John! I never consider it a risk buying his videos, because they are always exceptional.

I have woven numerous Egyptian Diagonal bands from John's pattern book, but now I have a better understanding of how they work, and can think about designing my own patterns.

A request ... for ages, I avoided circular warps because I invariably found a knot or a break part way through warping, and worried that I would finish up with "lumps" in my band because of having to tie two threads together to continue the warp. Yes, I did eventually figure out that threads can be manipulated and tied together at the starting post (usually the tension peg), but John might consider briefly showing how to fix breaks/knots when circular warping (he does a great job showing how to fix errors during warping).

I always find myself inspired by John's videos, so now I'd better look out for some 6-hole cards!
By  P A COOK  on  Feb 03 2018 11:06 AM