Inkle Loom Weaving: An Introduction with Marilyn Romatka

Woven cloth is ubiquitous in today’s world. We often take it for granted, unfortunately. Like learning the basics of playing the piano – especially for younger students – there is value in knowing the basics of how cloth is woven. And weaving on the inkle loom, despite its austere design, has all the parts – in easily understandable, this-is-how-it-works clarity. After teaching this unit at the homeschool co-operative, I have noticed students closely and excitedly examining the knees of their blue jeans in the lunch room to see the weave structure used in the cloth. If you have never woven before, you will see cloth differently after this class!

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This video class has no prerequisites, no weaving experience needed. The class is recommended for ages 12 and up. You will learn the fun method by which the warp is wound onto the loom (and how to fix any mistakes in the warp), how to start and end a project, how to weave useful warp-faced bands, how to see the simple elements in a complex design and design a band that is unique to you. We will cover plain warp-face weave as well as touching on the finger manipulated ‘pick-up patterning’ technique which gives you access to unlimited pattern in your bands.

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