More Adventures with Warp-Faced Pick-Up Patterns by Laverne Waddington

More pick-up weaving. More patterns. More adventures in the world of South American textiles!

Weavers who have followed the step-by-step lessons and enjoyed using the patterns in Laverne Waddington’s Andean Pebble Weave can look forward to using the skills they have acquired to weave over 100 new charted patterns in her follow-up book, More Adventures in Warp-faced Pick-up Patterns. Enjoy more adventures with the Andean Pebble Weave technique while venturing deeper into the world of double-faced patterns with tutorials on new structures and design inspiration from around the world!

The new designs include traditional patterns of South American origin as well as adaptations to pebble weave of traditional textile motifs in other techniques from other cultures. The design sources include knitwear created by the Komi people of Russia, Kuba raffia cloth from Central Africa and yurt furnishings and storage bags from Central and South Asia.

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In this follow-up to Andean Pebble Weave, Laverne takes you beyond pebble weave and ventures much deeper into the world of warp-faced pick-up patterns. It builds on the techniques taught in Andean Pebble Weave to enable readers to weave other beautifully intricate complementary-warp designs. Over 30 pattern charts present traditional designs from areas ranging from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia to Colombia and Mexico. An in-depth study of one of the pattern structures used by weavers in the Bolivian lowlands enables the creation of designs which include those inspired by textiles of Bhutan, Chile and Mexico.

Weavers are encouraged to go beyond the patterns in the book to produce their own original pebble weave motifs with the guidance of tutorials on designing and charting.

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Laverne's books are the most approachable, well rounded resources I've found for this type of weaving. Her books reflect the depth of knowledge and real world passion that she's invested in the weaving community world wide. 
By  Lisa Matthews  on  Jun 30 2021 15:47 PM