Hemp Spinning with Joan Ruane

The plant called cannabis sativa has been around longer than man, and there are over a thousand varieties. The variety most commonly referred to as “hemp” has less than 0.5% THC and produces a bast fiber that is easy to spin. Fabric made from hemp fiber has insulative qualities, is naturally anti-microbial, odor resistant and stops 95% of UV light. This video teaches you maintenance for your wheel and how to adjust it for spinning hemp fiber, starting off right, and then several different techniques for spinning the different preparations. How to determine if you have enough twist in your singles is discussed as well as plying and storing of your yarns. While teaching, Joan talks a little about the history of hemp and ends with a few suggestions for projects to make with your handspun hemp.

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No previous spinning experience is necessary for this video class.

Joan Ruane is an experienced spinning teacher, specializing in spinning plant fibers; cotton, flax, bio engineered fibers and now hemp. She teaches at national and international spinning- and weaving conferences.

Full Video Duration: 1 hours and 7 minutes

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