Introduction to Sprang with Carol James

Sprang is one of the oldest textile techniques. Unlike in weaving, no weft is used. The warps themselves are used for the interlacement! In fact, it is classified as braiding, but still gives wonderfully wide and stretchy cloth – ideal for use in comfortable clothing that allows free motion.

Learn in a private class with Carol James, internationally recognized as the top instructor in the technique.

Whether you want to learn sprang for authentic historical reenactment, or you just want a hat like no one else in your guild has, this is the video class for you!

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This class will teach you:

  • 3 different options for making your own sprang frame
  • How to set up these different frames (warping)
  • The basic interlinking stitch (methods for both right-handed and left-handed workers)
  • How to check your work for irregularities (mistakes)
  • An exercise to prepare you for mistake correction
  • Several finishing methods
    • cut apart
    • squeeze in the last few rows
    • insert a cinch line
    • chain across
    • sew an invisible seam

The video also discusses topics such as yarn choice, wide warps, sticky warps, and blocking.

Materials needed include a frame (see video for options), Yarn, scissors, a short length of sewing thread, beads. You may also want a crochet hook or knitting needle.

Other resources:

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Customer reviews:

Wow, I have tried Sprang before, but this video clarifies a few key bits that I did not understand. I had to stop the video and digest a bit. I am ready to move on and give it another try. I will also make some purchases. I know Carol personally and she is a real treasure. Thanks for this Free peek offer so I could get back on track and start a project!
By  Peg Mathews  on  Apr 16 2020 15:32 PM
This was an excellent refresher after taking Carol's class 9 months ago! Carol has a way of describing and demonstrating actions clearly and precisely. She uses appropriate materials for demonstration so beginning learners can easily see what's going on. Carol obviously listens to her students and has incorporated many tips that she picked up along the way to make things easier. Thanks for this excellent video, Carol!
By  Penoix  on  Apr 14 2020 13:59 PM