Sprang Unsprung by Carol James

Sprang allows you to create two rows of fabric for every one row worked. The book takes you step by step through a number of projects illustrating different techniques for setup, working, shaping and finishing. Projects include sweaters, socks, neck scarves, sashes & bags.

Sprang can be done without a frame and the book shows you examples of this. For those who want a frame, the book shows you how to build your own frame with easily obtainable materials.

The book includes instruction on many stitches including interlinking, interlacing and intertwining. It offers a number of patterns using these stitches. The patterns are presented both in written instruction and in grid form.

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This book is intended to give you the foundation necessary to appreciate Peter Collingwood’s encyclopedic book “The Techniques of Sprang”. Patterns in Carol’s book include a key with both Carol’s and Collingwood’s notations.

Carol had never heard of the technique until the day she was asked to create a sash for military re-enactors. Finding little information on the technique called sprang, she experienced a rather steep learning curve, and wants to ease the introduction for you. As she went along, she discovered that sprang is far more than military sashes, Viking hairnets and medieval bags.

An incredibly wide variety of garments including socks, vests, leggings, gloves and baby bonnets have been made in the past using these techniques. Other textiles for the home have also been made of sprang such as tablecloths, doilies and curtains. The technique has come up repeatedly in history and this book will help you to discover why.

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