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Taproot Video's Website Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost concern for us. Privacy is also a more complex topic than most of us would like, leading to fairly lengthy privacy policies, which few people end up reading all the way to the end.

To address this we list here the principle that guided us in the crafting of our privacy policy:

  • Taproot Video collects only the minimal amount of personally identifiable information (“PII”, such as name, email address, physical address, etc.) needed to provide the services.
  • Taproot Video will never share this information with any 3rd parties (unless it is for the express purposes of providing the services e.g. hosting the web site).
  • Taproot Video uses state of the art security measures (such as encryption) to protect your information during transmission and storage.
  • Taproot Video may track how you use this web site in order to improve its services. It does not obtain or use information about how you use other websites.

This is, of course, much too brief to be legally binding, as any lawyer will be able to confirm. For the full details, please refer to our complete privacy policy available under the 'The Legalese' tab.