Taproot Video, our Core Values

Taproot Folk Arts centers around the themes of creativity, identity, beauty, traditions and connections.

Folk Art
"We believe that rooted deep in any person is a desire to be creative."
"Cultures from all over the world draw identity from folk traditions."
"Folk art is the democracy of the art world: art of the people, by the people and for the people."
"Beauty is what gives us pleasure. It nourishes our soul."
"Traditions preserve our history. They connect our past to our future."
"Crafting involves making connections. Sometimes we connect with ourselves."
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Expressing the innate drive to create is deeply satisfying. Since the earliest days humanity has spent time not only to make the objects around us useful, but beautiful as well. The decorations on everyday tools, clothing, dwellings, and personal adornments are the most direct way to express our cultural identity - as well as identify with it from the inside. Folk art touches us at a deeply personal level; it says ‘yes’ to our basic artistic yearnings. It also acts as the linking mechanism between generations, skills passed down from grandparent through parent to child. The traditions connect us to the people who taught us and the ones we’re going to teach.

Folk art traditions have always evolved. Now in the digital age, the way they are being passed on is also changing. In these days of global connections, identity is becoming less a question of geography and more an expression of choice. We no longer are limited to passing the traditions from one single person to the next but can distribute the knowledge on a global scale.

Satisfy your creative need. Find your craft. Join your community.