Annie MacHale

Inkle Weaving Basics
Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

In this short video, Annie will walk you through the steps that she uses when setting up an inkle loom and will share the methods that she has perfected over the years for warping quickly and with as little effort as possible.

Tips include some things that even experienced inkle weavers may not know like:

  • How to use a quick-release knot to secure the beginning of your threads to the loom while warping
  • How to change colors as needed with only one knot per color
  • What is the proper length for heddles and how to test it
  • What loom makers don't tell you about taking the shortest path and how to prevent the warp from slipping

Also, there is a valuable tip in here for the thing that inkle weavers seem to struggle with the most: getting nice edges! Once you know this, you can eliminate the lumps and bumps forever!

Details and Preview

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Three-Color Pickup for Inkle Weavers
A Modern Look at an Ancient Baltic-Style Technique

In this book for experienced bandweavers, author Annie MacHale introduces you to 3-color pickup, a delightful variation on Baltic-style pickup. Unknown to most modern weavers, it is an older technique for which pattern books have not been readily available until now. To weave this variation, it's essential that you have a working knowledge of regular Baltic pickup.


Available formats:
In Celebration of Plain Weave
Color and Design Inspiration for Inkle Weavers

Learn about color and design for weaving narrow warp-faced bands from one of the contemporary masters! This book is a feast for the eyes, containing many full-page color photos showing hundreds of bands woven by the author. Guaranteed to inspire! It also includes a catalog of 200 interactive patterns to use as is or to provide you the basis from which to design your own.


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