In Celebration of Plain Weave by Annie MacHale

Color and Design Inspiration for Inkle Weavers

In this book, author, blogger and internationally-recognized inkle weaver, Annie MacHale, draws on her decades of experience to share her design secrets with readers. Annie distills color theory into some basic guidelines specifically for band weavers and demonstrates how to get extraordinary results using plain weave only.

The art is in the warping and the possibilities are endless!

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This book includes:

  • Color terminology and color theory basics
  • Pattern design basics and advanced tips
  • 115 pages
  • 105 color illustrations
  • 200 interactive pattern charts -Open them using the online program "Inkle Loom Pattern Editor"
  • Inspirational full-page photos

The book is divided into three parts.

Part One is a discussion of color theory and band design including the author's best tips from years of experiments. Get ideas and resources for choosing color combinations.

Part Two illustrates how to get the various elements of inkle patterns. Learn what makes chains, teeth, stripes, etc and how to balance these in your band design.

Part Three is a catalog of 200 individual patterns plus tips for turning these into thousands upon thousands more.

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Customer reviews:

This book is outstanding! I purchased the digital version but have found the extensive information, including very easy to understand color theory with down to earth inspiration pictures beside the bands made using those colors so useful that I will be buying the hard copy as well! Annie’s writing style is clear and engaging, a really nice read.

I have woven Inkle before and yet I learned so much from this book and now am very confident to use what I learned on my own designs. The photos and colors are pure pleasure and are worthy of a “coffee table “ book.

I couldn’t recommend this title more!

By  Vickie Green  on  Jun 27 2024 14:21 PM
Love it! Love it! Love it!
By  Mary Stever  on  Feb 13 2023 18:50 PM
mi libro es maravilloso, tiene muchos diseños increibles..
By  Paulina Oportus Aranguiz  on  Feb 03 2022 03:03 AM
It's a precious work of Annie MacHale and I am happy to read it, enjoying these color hacks and colorful pictures, illustrating  everything said! Very happy to learn how to combine colors in a good for eye way! Thank you very much!
By  Lena Shevtsova  on  Oct 06 2020 23:20 PM